One Blues, One Lindy, One Beer

Dear dancers,

good news - six years after the HildeSwingt workshop of 2013, Hildesheim finally has another Blues and Lindy Hop workshop coming up!

Trainer: Ruth and Mike (from Boston, USA) - more about them here:

I was lucky enough to have visited several workshops with the two of them. They are internationally renowned dance instructors (and wonderful humans). When Mike wrote to me a few months ago that the two of them would be travelling and teaching in Europe in October/November, I knew right away that I would have to invite them to Hildesheim - and they agreed to come :)!

The workshop will consist of four blocks of two full hours each, which can be booked individually.

Lindy Hop blocks will be Saturday and Sunday, starting roughly after lunch (around 1 pm or so), Blues classes start in the afternoon (around 3:30 pm or so) - exact times may change and will be announced before the workshop. You'll also have the chance to book private lessons with Ruth and/or Mike - for details about that, please check at the bottom of the page.


Lindy Hop Level "Beginner Intermediate". That means, you should have taken some Lindy Hop classes before and at least be able to dance a Swing Out (and ideally a few variations), as well as Kick-Charleston steps.

Blues Level "Open Level ELEF (everyone leads, everyone follows)", suitable for beginners and people who have some previous Blues dance experience.

We will not have fixed dance roles in the Blues classes. Both following and leading are equally fun, so why not teach both to everyone?

Class Descriptions

SATURDAY - Awesome Fundamentals

Lindy 1:00-3:10

Rhythm and the Rest

We’ll start at the start - feeling the rhythm of swing music pulse through us. Then we will stay anchored to the rhythm as we hone connection and dance through fun moves.

Blues 3:30-5:40

Slow Drag, Party Jam, and Ballroomin’

Dive into dancing to the most popular categories of blues music that we encounter. This class explores how our dancing changes with the music, and the elements that are the same across blues dances. After this class, you should be able to show up to a blues social dance anywhere in the world and have a good time.

SUNDAY - Slow Lindy and Fast Blues

Lindy 1:00-3:10

Flow, Nice and Slow

Dancing slowly is a similar challenge to dancing fast. We’ll give you some delightful slow Lindy moves and styling while leveling up your technique.

Blues 3:30-5:40

Chicago Triple

Get down and settle into the groove with Chicago Triple. This style feels great over a wide range of tempos and is perfect for a lot of music that you hear from live blues bands. We’ll play with digging our feet into the floor for triples, and how to make the dance feel different from other triple-step dances. This class will also cover ways to preserve energy when dancing to more energetic songs.


Saturday: We will have a very special party Saturday night. Appropriate to the name of the workshop, we will be dancing Swing and Blues at a local Craft Beer festival. Great Swing and Blues music and special beers from the best brewers of the area - with DJ Mister Gin from Hannover and DJane Spicy Ginger from Braunschweig! The event will be open to the general public, you just need to purchase a glass, if you want to get a drink (the glass will be yours to keep and take home with you).

Sunday: Chill-Out party on Sunday after the last class (18:00-21:00). The Studio Bar will open for us, so we can relax and end the workshop in style. The event is included in the workshop, for outside guests there will be a tip jar for DJ*anes and GEMA fees.


- One block (2 hours) 30 Euro

- Two blocks (2 x 2 hours, in any combination) 55 Euro

- Whole workshop (4 x 2 hours) 100 Euro

Due to the size of the room (and to allow some personal feedback from teachers), participants will be limited to 40 per class (or 20 couples) - I'm not losing money from about 30 participants per class, if more than 30 people register, the remaining money will be spent on more / better parties or future workshops :).

Registration by mail:

At this time (14-October-2019), there are one or two more Lindy Lead spots. Lindy Follows and Blues: sorry, there's a waitlist already.

Private lessons:

Before and after workshop classes, you have the chance to take private lessons with Ruth or Mike.

Ruth and Mike love teaching private lessons and want to work with YOU. If you do not know what you want to work on, don’t worry! Both of them enjoy figuring out what will give you the best results.

Ruth and Mike teach Blues, Lindy Hop, Balboa, as well as Slow Balboa (in fact they recently won the Slow Balboa competition at Great Lakes Balboa!).

In addition to that, Ruth also offers body coaching sessions. She has two Franklin Method certifications and loves helping people with body issues ranging from dance to day-to-day life.

Private lessons can be booked with either one of them for 100$US/hour (one or two students, lower rates available for financial need) - please contact them directly to check for details and in order to book in advance: (ruthandmikedance at gmail dot com) or Facebook